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Free Bulk Voice Call OTP API

Guaranteed delivery of sensitive and critical information like otp via our Voice Call OTP Service. Voice call based OTP is a two factor verification tool that authenticates and allows businesses to facilitate API based OTP generation for its potential clients.

Our premium and trusted notification solution ensures 100% delivery of sensitive and critical information on any mobile number of India. You can send OTP (one time passwords), login passwords, transactions alerts, and other alerts as well.

How Can Businesses Use


Add an additional layer of security to your website and apps, without increasing the complexity for users. Authenticate registrations with OTP verification.


Send text to speech be it account deletion, restoration or activation, use Voice Call OTP Verification to be sure that your customer data remains secure. Use a premium Voice Call OTP service now.

Transaction Validation

Make all transactions safe and sound. Add an extra fold of security with OTP verification to complete a transaction securely. Start validation of all transactions now!


Reactivate a client account with a confirmation from them. Use OTP verification code as a means of obtaining permission.


Instead of sending links or verification code via email, use the OTP service to verify users before password resets.

Free Bulk Voice Call OTP API

With the help of our free voice call OTP API multiple industries are getting benefits like Banking institution, Accounts and Financial institution, Share and broker firms.

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